What the world would have looked like if technology had been different..


----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wellington City, New Zealand -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------------------- New York City, USA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Albert Bonnefous, a.k.a. Lobo, has been working in the special effects industry for about 20 years as Visual Effects Supervisor, Art Director and Technical Director in movies like Contact(1997), Tintin(2011) or Avatar(2009).

As a multi-award winning digital artist (Siggraph, Imagina,..), his extensive technical knowledge combined with his artistic skills (Best Illustrator of the year 1998 by Life Magazine) make the perfect mix to produce a realistic imagery of parallel worlds.

The concept of this series is quite simple: What would the world have looked like if technology had been different, if Thomas Edison died young or if Etienne Lenoir invented superconductivity instead of the combustion engine? Using historical material, digital painting and a pinch of 3D, Lobo explores what would have been our memories..


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